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Interview 'Haagse' student and business owner: Christopher Arrindell

07/12/2018 - 12:43

Every month I get the opportunity to interview a 'Haagse' student who also owns a business. This month I'm speaking with Christopher Arrindell, who's a freelance photographer!

Hi Chris, first I'd like to thank you for this interview! Could you tell me something about yourself?

Hello Rebecca! Thank you for the opportunity (big smiley face!). It’s a privilege to be interviewed! I’m 25 years old and I’m originally from a small island called Aruba! After my graduation, August 2014, I moved here to the Netherlands. The reason for this was simply to continue studying. Due to the fact that after graduating Electrical Engineering, I felt little to no content with that accomplishment. With this in mind, I decided to pursue a different study in a completely different field, where creativity and design were prime aspects used within the study. The search for a creative study lead me directly the study I’m still currently doing, which is Communication & Multimedia Design. I’m doing this major at the Hague University of Applied Sciences, where, currently, I’m in my 4th year.

Besides school, I have an interest in cooking really delicious food; which was definitely proven countless times. Also, on occasion, I would pick up the guitar to strum along to different songs (but mostly because I heard a good song I want to learn to play). Also, to keep me from sitting on my A%& all day, I’d go cycling along the coast or, on sunny days, I’d go skateboarding or longboarding.

Besides your study, you're also a freelancer. Tell us more!

Besides my study, I also have a particular passion; which is the art of Photography. With this passion, and over the years gained experiences, I’ve come up with the online social identity, namely OneClickChris. The most obvious question I would get is “Why that name?”. To be quite honest, I could mention many deep and meaningful thoughts behind the reason why I chose this name. However, the answer is simply because I wanted a name that could relate to both my current study, CMD, and my passion for Photography, but would simultaneously exclude the cliche of using my full name + “photography,” “media,” or “pixel” behind it. It relates to the world of photography when i.e. masterpiece(s) can be created by the click of camera button (and the right scenario of course). Also, my online identity relates to the world of design when each click contributes a step towards many different successes such as a working interactive prototype that helps the user achieve their goals easier and efficiently.

Have you always been interested in photography?

When I was about 14 years old, my parents gave me my first digital camera as a gift. As a young teenager, I was fascinated by the stories behind each photographs I’ve seen taken years, even decades, ago. Here is when I realised my deep interest for the art of photography and, has since, used my camera to view the world in a different perspective. Over the years, I’ve explored different fields of photography that range from weddings and events, to light painting in- and outdoors. With the help of many people and gained experiences, I’ve developed a keen eye which has helped me realise many of my ideas.

What is the most memorable project you've ever done?

You know, I’ve been told by a dear friend to never dwell in the past. Sadly, I do so with my best project. Here’s why, but first a little small backstory. Me and Leo, a good friend of mine, have always helped each other out with realising each others ideas. After a long night, while we were shooting our pictures for an upcoming exhibition, we ended up at an abandoned school/gymnasia where we toke, what is till date, my most proud photograph.

How do you balance your study and work in your daily life? Do you find it hard to focus on school while you know you still have to edit your photos?

Well, considering I moved here to pursue a creative study, I regard my study as priority number 1. However, this study in combination with my passion for photography can be quite challenging at times. It requires a lot of planning for sure, especially with complex ideas that require assistance, or where, in some situations, the weather would need to be a particular way. But, I’ve always told myself and have been told that “nothing should ever get in the way of doing what you really love doing”.

Next year you'll be gratuated. Are you going to focus on your business, or are you planning on finding a job -that fits with your degree/within your degree?

Recently, I’ve thought to continue studying the art of photography by following up my bachelor's degree with a master’s degree. However, there’s another side of me that wishes to find a good job after graduation; which I assume most abroad students strongly hope for. I would then have a different plan, but my wish is to still continue my studies in the art of photography.

What is your absolute biggest dream?

I’m no scientist, but I’ve always had particular interest in the yet-unknown world above us. Travelling the world, captivating photographs from around this unknown world and combine that with the wonders of the night sky is something I would consider one of my biggest dreams.

Do you have any tips for other students who would like to start their own business?

I never really liked to specify my “tips” towards individuals, because in the end it all comes down to you as a person and who you want to be. There are millions of ways to be a successful individual. However, it comes down to what you have to offer this world, whether that be an idea, a thought, a particular skill, etc.

Where can we find you online?

Right now, you find me on most social media platform such as Facebook and Instagram. Currently, I’ve developing my website where I would simultaneously test my (web) design skills. So stay tuned! And also, for those photographers who play the “Gurushots” photography game (yes a game) you could find me there as well!

Thanks for your time, Christopher!

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