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The Benefits of a Dutch Student Bank Account for International Students

03/25/2019 - 16:34

Every country has its own customs and ways of doing things. In the Netherlands almost everything is organized. There are many rules, procedures and services for specific target groups such as bank accounts especially for students. In this post you will read why it might come in handy to get a Dutch student bank account as an international student.

The ‘Studentenrekening’ is free

A Dutch student bank account (Studentenrekening) is free! So why not get one if you plan to stay for a while in the Netherlands? There are, however, some conditions you have to meet when you want a Studentenrekening. For example, at Rabobank you have to be between the age of 18 and 25 and enrolled into an educational institution. With a Studentenrekening you also get some discounts on for example insurance policies. The Rabobank also offers free advice to international students who want to get a Studentenrekening so make sure to walk by their office when you're interested.

Every store accepts your card

As an international student coming to the Netherlands you might have experienced some difficulties with your current debit or credit card. Especially credit cards are not accepted everywhere. When you buy something in a big store you’ll probably have no difficulties with your current debit or credit card. But the problems start when you want to buy a beer in a small cafe. When you get a Dutch Student Bank account your card will be accepted everywhere in the country.

Transferring money to other Dutchies is super simple

When you are the proud owner of a Studentenrekening it’s much easier to transfer money to Dutchies. Most of the time, it only takes one day to transfer money from one Dutch bank account to another one. There are no costs when you want to transfer money. Also: you can ask for money through the Rabo app on your phone with the ''Rabo Betaalverzoek''. So you don't have to ask people several times to transfer money after a night out. You can send a request with the amount of money they owe you through Whatsapp with the ''Rabo Betaalverzoek''. This way you can also see who has paid you back and who hasn't.

Do you want to read more about the hurdles international students have to cross when they come to the Netherlands? Make sure to read my post about how to get around in the Netherlands as an international student!

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